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The Facts About Creatine

Most bodybuilders are familiar with the beneficial properties of creatine. Of all the bodybuilding supplements, with perhaps the exception of whey protein, creatine is widely known and regarded for its excellent boost to muscle-building and delaying fatigue. Here are four key questions about creatine, along with the facts:

How does creatine work?

As a naturally occurring substance in the human body, creatine is already tasked with building and maintaining muscle mass when taken as a supplement it boosts this activity, especially when taken as pre-workout supplements and after a workout. As a natural bodybuilding supplement, it is far safer than such things as steroids and human growth hormone (HGH), although the muscle boost is less instantaneous and dramatic. The beauty of creatine is that it works cumulatively and over time, in tandem with a committed bodybuilder's fitness regime.

Are there any dangers associated with creatine?

As with most bodybuilding supplements, users must take care not to be misled by the faster increase in muscle mass and the lower levels of fatigue into pushing it too hard and ending up with such potentially harmful conditions as dehydration and heat exhaustion. There are also some studies which indicate that excessive usage of creatine over the long term can prevent the human body from producing its own stocks of natural nitrogenous organic acid, although this has yet to be conclusively proven.

How can bodybuilders maximise the benefits of creatine but minimise the risks?

This is a relatively simple trick by cycling creatine use, bodybuilders can eliminate the risk of their body failing to produce its own nitrogenous organic acid while still benefiting greatly from the rapid muscle mass increase that creatine provides. The suggested cycling regime is three months taking the bodybuilding supplement, followed by three months off it, to give the body a chance to recover its own production capabilities. As long as an intense workout regime is maintained, the benefits of creatine should also be maintained.

Can creatine be addictive?

Like all effective bodybuilding supplements, there is a slight risk of psychological addiction, although this is several orders of magnitude less than the physical addiction that can come with artificial supplements such as steroids. Psychological addiction can mean that bodybuilders begin to feel that they cannot reach the same physical heights without it, or that they don't want to stop when the off stage of their cycling period comes around. Again, as with the other risks, keeping on top of a cycling period of two-three months on and two-three months off can minimize the chances of this.

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