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Quickest Way to Add Muscle

The only way that you are going to build muscle, fast or slow, is by increasing the load on a regular basis. The law of progressive overload simply says that you must increase the amount of reps or the weight lifted every single workout (or as close to this as humanly possible) in order to ignite muscle growth.

The body is built to adapt to stimuli which we use to our advantage. The key is to place ever increasing demand on the body, thereby forcing it to continually adapt. Training with weights is undoubtedly the best way to achieve this. You can know precisely how much weight you can handle and can also make incremental increases over time to spark muscle growth.

There are a few tricks that you can add in order to get the fastest results. The first is 8-12 reps on any given exercise will stimulate most muscle growth. Lower rep ranges of say 3-6 work well for building strength but not necessarily muscle hypertrophy (growth).

You should only do 6-9 sets per body part. If you are working out with good form this is all you need to stimulate muscle growth. You want to keep your workouts less than 45 minutes to avoid the release of hormones that actually break your muscle tissue down (catabolic hormones). Luckily, you can easily accomplish this by performing a maximum of 9 sets per body part.

You need to eat big to get big and that means increasing your protein intake. In order for muscle tissue to repair itself after your weight-training sessions it needs an abundance of protein. Some beginners don't take enough protein and some more experienced guys take ridiculously extreme amounts of protein. So how much protein is enough to supply those hungry muscles?

Use the following formula for the most accurate daily protein requirements.

Lean Mass Weight (Kg) x 2.75 = Daily Protein Requirement

Your lean weight is your total body weight minus the amount of fat you are carrying. You will need to know your body fat percentage for this. If you are unsure about this, you can get a good estimate by using a "body fat valculator" which you will easily find online.

A good rule of thumb is to take 1 gram of protein for every pound of total body weight. So a 160 lb. man would take around 160 grams of protein per day. The best sources of good quality protein come from the following:

* Chicken

* Steak

* Pork

* Eggs

* Cheese

* Whey Protein Powder Shakes

* Seafood - tuna, prawns, salmon

* Nuts

* Seeds

A Low-Fat diet is not desirable in bodybuilding. Eating fat increases the amount of anabolic (muscle building) hormones in your body. These are vitally important hormones that you need if you want to put on muscle quickly is Testosterone, Growth Hormone and the Insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1).

Although some people resort to taking anabolic steroids in order to accelerate muscle growth but you can get great results by implementing hard training and a correctly balanced diet. You also need to make sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water every day.

In conclusion there are two basics that you need to keep in mind if you want to gain muscle fast. The first is to limit the amount of cardio work that you do and even more important is good quality sleep. Your body is growing faster when you are relaxing and sleeping than any other time in your day.

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