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Protein to Add Muscle

Protein equals muscle and no matter how good or badly you might train if you do not eat the correct amount of protein on a regular basis you will just land up losing muscle. But the opposite is also true as you can eat too much protein and just make very expensive urine.

Protein consists of the 9 essential amino acids so it is important to make sure that the protein that you are eating is always a complete protein. There is a simple calculation that you can use to work out the basic protein requirements, it all comes down to a simple formula.

The formula is Lean Mass Weight (Kg) x 2.75 = Daily Protein Requirement but this means that you need to find out how much body-fat you are carrying. Your lean bodyweight is your total bodyweight minus your fat which is something that can be worked out using a bodyweight calculator.

Although the body-fat calculator is not going to give you an exact figure that is completely accurate to your own specific body, it will give you a figure that you can work with. The definitions are vague because of the categories that they put the population in.

However you can get an exact measurement using something called skin calipers which are used to calculate your own specific body-fat percentage. It could easily be done by any gym instructor or personal trainer and you will then know exactly how much fat you are dealing with.

The trick of eating the correct balance of protein is to make sure that you are not eating all your specific daily protein requirement in one meal. This will slow down your metabolism and not get you the results that you seek. You need to plan ahead by preparing the protein meals that you have before you leave home.

A balanced diet with the correct amount of protein in each small meal that you have is something that will ensure that you get the best results. This also means that you need to make sure that the carbohydrates that you eat with your proteins are highly complex with a low GI (glycemic index).

Along with the required complex carbohydrates that you prepare in your daily diet is the amount of fat that you take in. Having zero fat with all your meals will not help you put on muscle. You need to make sure that you are eating good quality saturated fats on a daily basis.

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