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How Can I Gain Weight
and Add Muscle

When we talk about adding weight or gaining weight when talking about muscle then we must assume that what we are talking about is gaining good quality weight which is muscle. Muscle is two and a half times heavier than fat so we do not have to put on much muscle to increase weight on the scale.

Gaining fat is easy as eating junk food has proven beyond any doubt to do very effectively. With that in mind we need to keep in mind that when training to gain muscle weight we need to make sure that we are eating correctly in order to get the maximum use of our hard workouts.

In fact working out and training hard is part of gaining muscle because if you think that you can add good quality muscle by spending three hours at the gym talking then you are sadly mistaken. Results come from intensity and hard work when you are training you are training and doing nothing else.

Muscle is made of protein and we need the hormones like HGH and testosterone to be produced when they are needed so we need to make sure that we eat good quality fat as well. This is saturated fats like the virgin olive oil fats that you get in a bottle but there are other types as well like from fish.

The most important part about training to gain weight/muscle is that you are always increasing your strength. Science has proven that the reason a muscle becomes larger is because it has been stressed by using progressive resistance. This means you need to make sure that you are lifting more weight with every workout.

In the good old days when Franco and Arnold used to train together at Gold's Gym in California they would add up the total amount of weight that they had lifted in a workout and make sure that they lifted more on the next workout. They would add up all the weight which means that lifting 100lbs ten times is one ton.

There are many different and creative ways that you can change your workout to suit your specific needs. These range from things like doing pyramids to forced reps, negatives and many more. But the most important aspect of building muscle effectively is the intensity of your workout.

If you are spending all that time and energy in getting the best out of your hard workouts you will want to make sure that you are eating and drinking correctly. This means eating good quality protein at least five times a day and also making sure that you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.

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