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Eating to Add Muscle

When you are eating to add muscle, then you will know that it would be completely useless eating to add muscle if you were not training. If you are training hard with intensity and short hard workouts of no more than 45 minutes then you need to get your muscles repaired as efficiently as possible.

The best way to add muscle after you have stressed the muscle in your high intensity workouts is by firstly getting 8 hours of good quality sleep when you will be doing most of your actual growing. But secondly you need to make sure that you are drinking a gallon a day of water as well.

With that as a background then you can help your body builds muscle fast by eating the correct foods at the correct times. It might sound like a hassle but you need to prepare the food so that you can eat a small good quality high protein meal at least five times a day.

It takes a bit of practice to get into the habit but you will quickly notice that you will no longer be impulse buying junk food when your blood sugar goes too low. The reason why that is no longer happening is because your blood sugar will no longer be going low as you are now eating correctly.

Besides the high quality protein that you need to choose from when preparing these small meals that you will eat during your day you also need high complex carbs and fats. It might sound strange but your body needs fat in order to lose fat as it will automatically hold the fat if you are not taking fat in.

Something simple like a turkey sandwich or a tuna salad with a teaspoon of virgin olive oil is what would make up a prefect snack or small meal that you could eat to ensure that you add muscle fast. Another could be two slices of rye bread, thinly buttered with two hard boiled eggs.

When choosing your carbohydrates it is important that you select high complex carbs like seed-loaf bread or brown rice which have a very low GI (Glycemic index). This means that your body will probably use the same amount of calories to process the highly complex food as there are calories in the food.

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