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Best Supplements to Add Muscle

Although there are many different supplements on the market and the choices seem endless it must be said that you can get results without taking any supplements by following the proven techniques and diet recommendations. However there are certain supplements that will increase the speed that you pick up muscle.

When searching for a supplement to enhance an intensive workout program and start building muscle fast through improved muscle recovery and enhanced nutrition then you should stick with the top 5 muscle gain supplements. The best five supplements on the market are without a doubt Whey, BCAA's, Creatine, Glutamine, and Beta-Alanine. Below is a brief description of each of these supplements.

Creatine is a natural occurring substance within our muscle cells, primarily around the skeletal muscle tissue where approximately 95% of the body's Creatine supply can be found. The remainder is stored throughout the rest of the body. When taking a creatine supplement you will dramatically increase the amount of ATP or energy that you have during your workouts.

The perks of Creatine supplementation:

The promotion of lean muscle tissue

Increased muscle cell volume

Faster post-workout recovery

Increased glycogen synthesis

Increase high intensity muscle performance

Beta Alanine is a naturally occurring non-essential amino acid that comes into the body through foods that are rich in protein such as poultry. The performance enhancement in Beta Alanine (BA) is due to its ability to increase intra-muscular levels of carnosine. This increase in Beta Alanine through supplementation suggests carnosine levels are raised by over 60% in as quickly as 4 weeks.

Additional benefits of Beta Alanine Supplementation:

Elevated endurance

Improved force output

Reduced fatigue

Improved body composition

Works synergistically with Creatine

Enhanced performance for athletes regardless of intensity or duration

Whey Protein has been systematically surmised that body builders and trainers can improve performance and lean muscle gain when consuming whey protein shakes or supplements. Whey protein supplies the body with a high amount of protein as well as high concentrations of calcium, magnesium and other minerals that are easily digested in liquid form.

The benefits of whey protein supplementation

Easily Digested

Perfect for someone who is Lactose Intolerant

Improved Muscle Repair

Natural Appetite Suppressant

Amino Acids

Improved Metabolism

Branch-Chain Amino Acid (BCAA) is a common supplement that weight trainers and bodybuilders turn to is branch-chained amino acids (BCAA's) to improve workout results. Of the 21 amino acids in the body, three are referred to as BCAA's: leucine, isoleucine and valine. These are the main elements of protein and combine to make up about 30% of the skeletal muscle within the body.

There is also some measure of proof in its use that BCAA's can help improve endurance by keeping muscles fueled - something that is of interest to long distance workouts such as backpacking or long distance running (marathons), distance swimming, or any other prolonged workout.

Glutamine is touted for its ability to slow muscle tissue breakdown during intensive exercise which can help in improved strength thresholds and elevated endurance. Those weight training will find that they can lift heavier weights for longer periods and train more often. Pushing the limits of the muscles of course inspires the body to produce greater lean muscle to compensate.

Muscle tissues require nitrogen, and glutamine supplements (L-glutamine) is made up of approximately 20% nitrogen which makes it one of the best suppliers of nitrogen for muscle tissue. When stacked with other muscle recovery and building agents like creatine and whey protein there is a significant increase in the potential for hitting rapid training goals.

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