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Add 10 Pounds of Muscle

Although gaining 10 pounds of good quality muscle in one month is possible it is certainly not easy. If it was easy everyone would have muscle on them and once you have it you have to keep it there so it involves a rigid set of eating and training correctly.

But no matter how correctly you train and how hard and intense your training sessions are you will not gain muscle without eating correctly. But even so the results that you get will depend not only on your training that you do and your diet that you eat but also the genetics that you have.

There are some basics that you need to follow and your objective and mind-set should be the first step. It could make a vitally important difference to the speed at which you gain muscle if your mid-set is correct when you start the process.

It is strongly advised that you should seek to get stronger and not seek to put on muscle and weigh yourself every day and look at yourself in the mirror every day to see your gains. It should be a concentration on strength because the stronger you get the more muscle you will put on.

It comes down to the basics and that means doing the compound movements and doing them correctly. If you focus on increasing the weight that you can lift when doing your basic compound movements like squats, deadlift, bench-press, pull-ups etc. you will be able to measure your progress directly.

But measuring your progress and keeping motivated starts and ends with the food that you eat. When and what you eat are a vitally important factor when it comes to gaining ten pounds of muscle in only one month. You need to help your body repair from those intense workouts as quickly as possible.

There are certain supplements that you can use which although a bit expensive can make a huge difference to maximizing the effect of your eating 6 to 8 times a day. There are two other factors that you need to consider other than the specific training and eating that you do and that is drinking water and sleeping.

This is an important piece of the puzzle and you need to make sure that you are drinking at the very least 8 glasses of water a day. Research shows that a gallon of water should be had on hot and sweaty days. The next important piece of the puzzle is good quality sleep which should be 8 hours a night.

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